Personalized Snowglobes in just a few easy steps.

At Snowglobe for you, we specialize in manufacturing the best handicraft materials for your next snowglobe project. With our blank workpieces and suitable accessories, your very own snowglobe with a personalized look is easy to achieve. 

Do it yourself!

An individual present, a case for your memorable photo or individualized decoration pieces for your home – Snowglobe for you’s products help you realize your snowglobe ideas creatively.



With our blank snowglobes it is easy to craft a personalized snowglobe that has a professional feel to it. Our blanks feature a high quality porcelain base and seamless glass globes, so these are a perfect fit for achieving a professional and visually pleasing product.


Find the perfect globe for you!

Our Do-It-Yourself Snowglobes are available in many popular diameter sizes: 1,8 inches, 2,6 inches, 3,1 inches and 3,9 inches. Our product range furthermore includes the impressive mega-globes sized at 4,7 inches and 5,9 inches. These can also be upgraded with a music box.


With our Photo-Snowglobes you can create a personalized snowglobe in minutes. Just detach the base of these solid plastic globes and insert a previously cut photo. 


Surprise a friend or supplement your home decorations – our Photo-Snowglobes are the perfect vessel for your most memorable moments.


Accessories & Repairs

Everything in one place! All you need to craft your own snowglobe is available in our shop: snow- and glitterflakes, the perfect glue for maximum durability and “FIMO-Wasserklar” to preserve the clearness of your water. 

We also offer a wide range of useful products to repair any damage to your beloved globes. A broken glassglobe is easlily replaced by one of our replacement globes, available in every common globe-diameter. 


Snowglobe for you is a home brand of the firm Schneekugelhaus. THe firm Schneekugelhaus was established in 2009 and is the german special-interest shop for everything snowglobe. In addition to our DIY-materials, we also offer a huge selections of exclusive snowglobe-designs and outstanding gift ideas.


You can find all products of Snowglobe for you as well as a wide range of snowglobes designed by our team in our shop.

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